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Noble Fir: Needles are thick and grow in rows on each side of the branch.  Due to the slow growth, both needles and branches are famous for their extra strength, and ability to stay fresh longer.  Noble Firs require additional care.  The Noble Fir is by far the favorite of our customers.  Available in sizes 3 to 9 feet












Douglas Fir: Thin soft needles grow from all sides of its branches.  In common with all trees, color can vary according to the type of soil, amount of sun, grown on flat ground, or on a hillside.  For year, the #1 seller in the U.S.  Dougs are famous for fullness and fresh forest aroma.  Available in sizes 3 to 9 feet













Grand Fir:  Needles are flat shiny and dark green on top a light silver green on underside.  Noted for its outstanding distinct fragrance.   weather experts say the last couple years of El Nino has caused record rains in Oregon, that has made trees exceptionally beautiful.  Available in sizes 3 to 9 feet